Tækker Group

Tækker Group is a Danish company that specialises in developing sustainable real estate, projects and ideas.

This includes engineering and architectural services as well as constructing, modernising, financing and managing buildings. 

The head office of Tækker Group is in Aarhus, Denmark.

Tækker Group rents and sells residential and commercial space. It is active in urban development, and in developing property, projects and ideas in the construction sector. It offers engineering, architectural, new construction, modernisation and administrative services.

All of our companies unite creative mentality, solid workmanship, and hard work, without ever compromising the quality or pioneering spirit, which characterizes our way of working.

Tækker Group in Danmark 

Headquartered in the Danish city of Aarhus and with a branch office in Copenhagen, the Group was founded by Jørn Tækker in 1997.

Around 40 experienced employees handle our activities in Denmark. They contribute creative ideas, mastery of their subject matter, and hard work – with an uncompromising sense of quality and a pioneering spirit.

All the companies in the Tækker Group work in innovative and entrepreneurial ways. This enables us to progressively expand our areas of activity. We do so in a targeted manner and at a brisk pace, with a constant focus on cost effectiveness for the company.

Visit the Danish Website of the Taekker Group: www.taekker.dk.